The Best Free MP3s of 2013

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Here’s the list if you just want to grab the files. Read on for my take on what makes these tunes good. You can listen to all the tunes on Soundcloud. Some of them (the ones with the  icon) require a like on Facebook before you can download, but that’s a small price to pay.

Cern – Nerve Ending

Lots of deep bass on this one, but it’s the breakbeats that make it.

Grimes – Genesis (Naibu Bootleg)

Gorgeous, lush vocals over sparse breaks – absolutely beautiful.

Gridlok – American Dream (Mayhem x Logam Remix)

Deep, dirty, swinging funk! This one leans towards the minimal, with a killer bassline.

3 of a Kind – Bulletproof, Teknik & Nymfo (Borderline Remix)

Nasty neurofunk with a massive pitch shifting bassline.

Maztek – Slight Funk

This is another slab of hectic neorufunk, oozing with oily bass and synthetic percussion.

Indigo – Absent

Incredibly chill vibes on this one – Indigo creates a serene landscape with analog-sounding atmospherics and gentle synthetic drums.

Stray – Timbre VIP

Starting out with some fresh (and somewhat bizarre) new drum patterns, this one kicks in with plenty of amens that hearken back to the nineties, then switches back and forth to echoing atmospherics.

Cern – Illumination

Arpeggiated synths and looped amens give this one tons of energy, interspersed with minimalist bleeps and drum machine sounds.

R4Y UP70WN – Serious Problems (Sinistarr Remix)

This halfspeed banger is overloaded with bass, with drums that are full of footwork influence. Like the soundtrack to a science fiction flick based in 2020, this feels like the future of inner city music.

DLR & Safire – Medusa

Dark & deep, with tight drums and wicked “murda!” samples.

Om Unit – Dark Sunrise (Kromestars lean’in mix)

Kromestars remix of this flawless tune strips it down to the basics, with analog waves washing over those vocals and just enough drums to keep it moving. Chill.

Did I miss any? Find a broken link? Let me know here.

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